Athenagoras Meeting room

This bright meeting room is dedicated to Athenagoras I to stress the ecumenic vocation of the Mariapolis Centre.
Athenagoras I was one of the leading figures in the path to communion among the different Christian Churches.

The Orthodox Patriarch of Costantinople had a profound bond with Chiara Lubich since the 60s. On his death in 1972, she said: “Athenagoras could be considered the prototype of the Orthodox Church, but he can also be seen as one of the most outstanding Christian personalities, a symbol of all Christianity, suffering because of the century-long divisions and longing for perfect unity”.

The meeting room is located on the third floor and it is surrounded by a big balcony with a wonderful view of the village beneath. It can be used for meetings, conferences and congresses. Its shape makes it suitable for a wide range of events.

  • Technical details

    120 seats
    Audio and video system
    Multiple translation boxes

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