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Centro Mariapoli Chiara Lubich Trento Italy


Strada di Cadine, 33
38123 Cadine - Trento

tel. 0461 866170
fax 0461 866166


The Centre

The Mariapolis Centre “Chiara Lubich” began as a place for meetings based on the spirituality of Unity. It is dedicated to Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, who was born in Trent.

The Mariapolis Center hosts meetings, courses and conventions for people of every age and culture and has done so since 1986.

Latest news

15 June 2020

Vacanze in Mariapoli

per famiglie, gruppi, singoli. Scarica la locandina >...

24 May 2020

Zoom di anniversario del Centro Mariapoli

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