The Mariapolis Centre

The Mariapolis Centre began in the heart of Chiara Lubich’s Charism of Unity and the Focolare Movement.

It is situated in Cadine, a few minutes away from the city of Trent, the city in which the Focolare Movement was born.

This Centre came about thanks to the contribution of many people: more than eight hundred were volunteers who in the last year of construction dedicated their time and talents to help with the construction, maintenance and management of the Mariapolis Centre. The motivating force was the conviction of the importance of a meeting place of formation for all those who desired to build relationships of Brotherhood.

Those who find themselves at the Mariapolis Centre will feel that they are enveloped by the mountains and forests of Trent: from different parts one can gaze on Mount Bondone, the Paganella, or the city of Trent itself.

Latest news

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