Renaming of the Mariapolis Centre to Chiara Lubich

On January 24, the Mariapolis Centre “Word of Life” becomes “Mariapolis Centre Chiara Lubich”. The renaming of the house built with so much effort in the native land of the foundress of the Focolare Movement made us, from the very start, remember its history.

Various were the speakers, all sincere and authoritative. The Mayor of Trent, Alessandro Andreatta spoke of the Centre, who called it “a reservoir of hope”; Numerous representatives of the Christian churches expressed the value of the Ideal of Unity in their experiences; the more senior members,who saw the birth and growth of the movement worldwide,spoke.

With this renaming, the two souls of the Mariapolis Centre were defined: that of ecumenism and the historical patrimony of the beginnings of the Movement.

Intitolazione del Centro Mariapoli Chiara Lubich