Inauguration of the Mariapolis Centre “Word of Life”

Chiara Lubich had not returned for some time to her hometown. How could she not have been present at the opening of the much hoped, awaited and desired Mariapolis Centre “Word of Life”? At the event there were more than two thousand present, among whom were civil and religious dignitaries. The presence of representatives of various Christian Churches that gave witness to the ecumenical vocation of the Centre was touching.

In her talk, the foundress recalls the early days in which the charism was starting to take shape in her life and in the lives of those who approached her. She then implicitly entrusts the Mariapolis Centre “Word of Life” with the task of representing the origins always, remembering it in the future, talking about it to all those who are interested.

She defines the specificity of ecumenism: “Ecumenism, ecumenism above all of life and the spiritual dialogue which comes as a result is one of the main reasons for which God has made it come about. And the city of Trent where we were born seems to underline this. If Trent reminds us of the Council that was held in the 16th century, Trent, even through us, must become a symbol of that unity among Christians that has to be sought after with great commitment.